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Rooted in my love of music | Inspired by Questlove’s “Classic Albums” course 

This listening learning experience will focus on the concept of what it means for something to be called a “Classic Album.” My goal is to help students take a closer look at the music, lyrics, and the political, economic, socio-cultural factors that influenced each album. I want to provide students with a context as to why these albums have lasted throughout history.

My selection of albums is influenced by my own personal, racial, socio-cultural and musical experiences. I want students to recognize that there is no objective and definitive list for the best album. One can look at album sales, music streaming data, and artistic achievement, but ultimately, musical taste is subjective. I hope to give students a musical history lesson.


The Roots Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson is the unmistakable heartbeat of Philadelphia’s most influential hip-hop group. He is the musical director for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where his beloved Roots crew serves as house band.

Rolling Stone is an American monthly magazine that focuses on music, politics, and popular culture.

Dr. Susan Rogers

Professor, record producer, engineer, mixer

Susan Rogers holds a doctoral degree in behavioral neuroscience from McGill University (2010). Her discography also includes records with David Byrne, Barenaked Ladies, Geggy Tah, Nil Lara, Robben Ford, Tricky, Michael Penn, Jeff Black, and many others,

Ted Gioia

Jazz critic | Music historian

Ted Gioia is a musician and author, and has published eleven non-fiction books, including his latest work Music: A Subversive History

" Music is life itself. "
Louis Armstrong