What Guides My Teaching


A classroom that uses design thinking feels different. 

Using IDEO’s framework, I design a series of divergent and convergent steps for students to follow.

During divergence we are creating choices.

During convergence we are making choices. 

Stanford's d.school

I teach using immersive real-world projects where creative problem-solving matters most. My goal is to obliterate opportunity gaps in education by experimenting with new models.

Using the d.school’s framework, I design learning experiences that have a bias towards action.  I want students to jump into new, invigorating ways of learning and stretch beyond their comfort zones to develop new skills and mindsets.

Teacher's Guild

The Teacher’s Guild is a professional community that activates teachers’ creativity to solve the biggest challenges in education today. They use Design Thinking as a learner-centered approach to problem solving to discover what works for their students and schools.